I am still trying to wrap my mind around the excitement of yesterday.  It was one of those days I will replay in my mind over and over for the next YEAR!  The smiles and the twinkles in the eyes of the beautiful models will not be forgotten.  This opportunity meant the world to them and it meant that world to Steve and I.

Michael Canavan of Michael Canavan Photography and his assistants did an amazing job.  They handled each and every model as if they had known them for years.  We arrived to the studio and were blown away by the space.  It is one of those spaces that can only be described as AMAZING.  It had full length windows with natural light just pouring in.  I honestly pinched myself every hour to make sure this was really happening.

We started this campaign just 10 months ago and the momentum we receive from others fuels projects just like this one.  Steve and I came up with an idea, a mission, a campaign and all our friends and supporters took that mission to the next level.  We are so thankful and I think I could speak for most of the models that have participated in Changing the Face of Beauty they are pretty thankful as well.


I feel like this event has kicked 2013 into high gear!  The opportunities are unlimited and the goal is to  make this year matter!  Right now I am exhausted…..  so thankful for the extra day this weekend to lay low and spend time with the family in Michigan, visit the beach and exhale.  Life is good and I can not stop smiling.

Many families ask how to get their child involved in modeling.  I want you to know that Real Talent, INC shares our mission.  They believe that all people should be represented in advertising so if you are interested in modeling for your child please feel free to contact them as they have open casting sessions once a month.


Please don’t forget to share Raymears story!  He needs our help to find the family that will give him the love he deserves.

Happy Monday Everyone!