Here it is.  The holiday we celebrate everything green and we do it big around the south side of Chicago.  So today I will tell you my 10 favorite things about this special day!

1/ Green – It is the new black you know.  It makes me feel like spring is in reach.

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2/ Spring – St Patricks day = spring to me

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3/ We come out of hibernation and see friends we haven’t seen since the Christmas decorations hung around the house.

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4/ Discussions on the many uses of green felt hats from the Dollar Store.

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5/ The accent.  Top-a-the-day-to-ya.  You know what I am talking about.

6/ The Guinness and the Irish coffee.

7/ Daffodils

8/ Sitting around a table with friends and family

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9/ Food – Corn beef, Cabbage, soda bread….need I say more?

10/ My husband looks more Irish this day than any other and I think that is pretty sexy.

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Wishing you all the happiest of days!  Breakout that green and wear it like it’s your business.

OXOX Katie