School is out for summer and the song has been playing in the background of my head all week.  This is it for the Kindergartener, First Grader, Third grader and fifth grader we sent off this past fall.  They are a whole year bigger, smarter and wiser.  As I cleaned out their bags, filed art projects and put lunch boxes in the wash I played the chapters of the past year in my head and came to the conclusion that it was good.  It was full and they are better people as an outcome of it.

gracebathroomI wish I could type away how every one got straight A’s but that would just not be telling the truth.  They did finish and they are happy, the two most important things to me.  As I look through their report cards I generally read allowed the comments from their teachers and I did that today.  Ok seriously…am I the only Mom out there that is a blubbering mess on these types of days?  The days that signify the end of something important like the end of a school year.

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I can’t put a lid on my emotion.  I walk around thinking about where we were just one short year ago and where we are now.  Change has become more difficult for me and every year takes some time to get comfortable with the new routine, the new teacher and the new expectations.  The whole start over thing is scary for all of us.  Once we create that environment where everyone works together it is time to hit the restart button.4Q3B0948 copy

4Q3B0958 copy

They made it, and they deserve to pat themselves on the back.  I am 6 years into this report card day and my expectations have changed.  I am grateful that I can see the full picture instead of just the markings on the card.

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We have spent quite a bit of time in the Doctors office over the past week which always warrants some “quality” family time whether you want it or not.  I try to take that time to really look at my kids and see them.  Every time I really look into their eyes and “see” them I am amazed at the individuals they have become.  Today I have have tears of pride.  I am so very proud of every one of them.

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Our story for next year has not been written yet and I would lie if I said I am not worried about it but for now I am enjoying this moment, this day and this celebration with them.

Happy Summer!