It has been a week.  A week that I think we all would like to forget.  It was frustrating and sad.  It caused us all to once again question our safety and our families safety.  All is moving forward as it always does.  The defendants have been caught and our country takes a deep breath.  Moments like this remind us all once again that tomorrow is not promised.

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Life is busy and I often feel like we are going through the motions.  Lately I have made our life more deliberate.  I am putting my energy into getting things right at home.  I don’t have everything right, I still have things to work on but  I am focused and it feels good to check things off the list that are important to the future of our family.



So check, check, check and I feel lighter, more present and happier.  My family is better for it.


I woke up this morning and checked my email to find a beautiful story about a family who recognizes it is hard to stay present and focused.  They are packing up, really packing….selling everything and going on a road trip for 6 months to settle in a new location in a 50’s trailer.  She is an amazing photographer and I am a huge admirer of hers.  I love that she “gets it” and understands that time flies and you only have today.  You have right now.

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So wheels up over here and off to the forest this morning.  It wasn’t easy for my type A personality to just throw clothes on and head out the door but we did it and not only did I appreciate my kids and their relationship with each other but we had FUN!  All I really want to do is have fun!  Seems like such a simple thing but not so easy most of the time.

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Today we had fun……and tomorrow we will have MORE fun!  I can’t wait.

Happy Saturday!  Make it great.