My husband and I had “date night” as we call it on Saturday night.  It is our night when we leave the house in the hands of a babysitter and connect, talk and enjoy each other.  We both look forward to the night because I swear it is the only time all week we actually finish a conversation.  We talk about our week, what the next week holds and our dreams for our future.  Sometimes we share this night with friends but most of the time we just keep it to ourselves.  We both look forward to it and are rejuvenated afterwards.  I really feel like it is one of the secrets to maintaining a good marriage.

Last night we went to our favorite place and over a beer, burger and hot wings (of course) I noticed out of the corner of my eye an older lady walking toward the bar with her coffee.  She carefully set her cup on the bar and proceeded to put a dollar in the game machine and started to play a game that looked like tetras.  From the instance I saw this lady I thought of my Grandma Young.  She is no longer with us and there are times that I miss her to the point of tears.  The funny part of this whole story is that you would never have seen my Grandma belly up to a bar playing a video game.

My Grandma and Grandpa with my son Sean


As I was watching this lady play the game at the bar I was mesmerized by her hands.  She had the hands like my Grandmother.  The type of hands that worked hard throughout her whole life but were still so soft and tender to the touch.  The hands that could make the most beautiful things and caress a new born baby like no one else.  Her hands were perfect.  They were the hands that rubbed your back as she hugged you hello and good-bye.  The hands that made the most amazing food anytime you stopped by.  I miss her hands.

My Grandma holding my son Sean

As I watched her I told my husband how much I missed my Grandma.  I miss her so much for many reasons and I really wish she was able to meet my Grace.  She knew I was pregnant for the 6th time.  I will never forget the last time we saw her she made it clear to my husband there was a time to stop having babies and six babies was enough for her Granddaughter to carry. HA!  He just laughed and she did too but I knew she meant business.  She worried we would become overwhelmed.  She knew what it was like to raise a large family.

My Daughter Grace playing in the bathroom

I did not know the last time I saw my Grandmother that Grace would have an extra chromosome.  I did not know that I was having a girl.  Shortly after her death I found out and I remember thinking how much I wished my Grandma would have been here.  I knew she would say the right things and encourage me to pick up and move forward.  I knew she would say, “Now Kate, that baby is going to be just fine.  You treat that baby just like all your other children and she is going to be just fine.”Grace and her Daddy enjoying the outdoors


When I have moments of fear and worry, I hear her voice telling me exactly that.  She is going to be just fine.  Grandma always knew.  She knew pain, heart ache and she knew happiness.  She raised 5 children and from them she has loads of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She watched us all grow and 2 of us go to heaven.  She watched as we made bad decisions and good ones.  She was always there with a welcoming hug.  She knew things were going to work themselves out.  Life would go on and we would be just fine.

Grace modeling a t-shirt from Token Blonde

These gorgeous t-shirts are made by Token Blonde you can find her on etsy

Well feeling my Grandmothers presence last night was such a gift.  I love when our guardian angels look out for us and when they feel we need comfort they put their hand on our shoulder and remind us that we are fine.

Grace wearing a shirt from etsy

When I sew I always feel closest to my Grandmother.  I honestly think that is the reason I do it.  As I watch that needle go up and down I think to myself Grandma must be so proud.  She is smiling down right now.  I had plans to make ties for my boys for Easter Sunday but time and life kept pushing it off.  Well today I did it!  I made those special ties for the boys as well as my sweet nephews and I know she is smiling.

My homemade neck tie

Spring Break is in full swing over here!  My job responsibilities have been multiplied by 50! It is required that I come up with good spring break activities and Patrick is taking notes because he complied a list 2 weeks ago of must do’s!  I can do it!  I can rock it out…..I am totally flying by the seat of my pants but I will do it and as my Grandma always said, I will be just fine!

Sean enjoying icecream at Plush Horse

Patrick enjoying Ice Cream at Plush Horse


1 Easter Tie to a commenter who tells me about a special person in their life.  Someone who taught them the ropes and why they are important.  I would love to hear!  This tie will fit boys from 1 year to 8 years, it is orange and cream.  I am in love with it!  I hope you like it as much as I do.  I hope to have a winner on Wednesday and I will mail out Thursday!

Orange handmade necktie for Easter


Check back later this week I can not wait to share the most amazing place with you!

Have a great Monday!