My husband is better at that then I am at the whole “get up and go” thing.  When we first met the tables were turned and I excelled in that area.  As our family grew 1-2-3 —- 6! I became less of a “get up and go” gal.

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When I think about going with 6 kids in toe my mind races.  I think about all the things that could possibly go wrong.  I am an avoider of conflict most of the time.  My heart wants to jump in the car but my mind just won’t always let me unless some how I am going with less children.

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My husband planned a trip to the Sox game and although I came up with 15 reasons why we should not go I am so glad we did.  I had no idea how amazing it would be to attend a MLB game with my 5 boys.  It was one of those bursting with pride days.  One of those days that will go down in our little history book.  It was good stuff, fill my cup up stuff.

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So  I challenge myself to keep going and moving.  This summer I want to be a “get up and go” girl again!  It has started and Colin and Grace are loving the benefits.  Bird feeding and all, no excuses!

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Happy “almost” hump day!  “get up and go”!