Today was one of those Mommy epic failure days.  It started out beautiful and we were smoothly moving through our routine and it ended in the toilette.  My husband and I can not always make everything work and today was one of those nights.  It is not easy pushing through those moments when you know you failed your child but did the best you could but we are and we will.

4Q3B1481 copy

I do celebrate the beautiful moments this afternoon I was able to witness.

4Q3B1526 copy

I have only 2 babies left at home during the day and I love watching them….together.  He is so worried about where she is.  She loves to make him look for her.  She is dangerous and a risk taker.  He is cautious and worried about her.

4Q3B1471 copy

4Q3B1488 copyThey share a room and I am so glad they do because they are friends.  He is a boy and she is a girl but they are friends and I can’t help but think he will be there for her when she needs him.

4Q3B1484 copy

I have this feeling that he will always be not only her brother but her friend.

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I have lots to do tonight to prepare for a weekend that will repair the Mommy epic fail so checking out.  Happy Weekend!