Fridays are crazy this summer.  I fancy myself a relaxed “Beach Friday” Mom but it is not working this year.  We generally wake up exhausted from the week and for some reason I am grumpy….every Friday.  Not the Friday Mom I want to be, so I spend my morning packing, cleaning and pushing (ok shoving my kids out the door).  As I left this morning I thought I am going to get these kids in the car, bribe them with McDonalds and make a few stops for myself.  I am going to stop in and visit some friends.  I did and by the time we left time my attitude was much improved.

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Thank goodness for kids and the innocence they bring to the conversation.  Although our trips across state lines often consist of “If you hit your brother one more time you will not get LUNCH!!!”  and “Grace keep your hands to yourself!!” Today was different.  Over all the kids we happily hanging out and getting along.

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So I am getting to the point of this whole post…..the difference between boys and girls in the eyes of boys is funny!  We have never actually explained the difference because how in the world do you do that to kids 11 and under?  When Grace was born my son Patrick was positive we were mistaken.  He proclaimed to me over Skype that Grace was not a girl she was a boy because she did not have long hair.  So in a young boys eyes the only way to be a girl is to have long hair.

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This sweet little dress is from Razberries and Raizins!  Check them out!

Once she came home from the hospital more questions surfaced during diaper changes.  They we marveled at the fact that she had no “ning-ning”.  She was totally missing a major part of her anatomy and they were extremely concerned.  In fact I still get the question, “So…… Grace doesn’t have a “ning-ning” right?” RIGHT-O boys.  She STILL does not have have a “ning-ning”!

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So tonight as we exhaled after our travels and unpacking my son says to me.  ” Mom, Grace pooped her pants.”  So I responded with a really? because she generally doesn’t do that.  Then he said “oh, WAIT! Do girls fart?” Spoken from the mouth of a babe!  I explained to him that yes, girls do pass gas so he then reassured me that Grace must have passed gas then.  I could not help but laugh and on he went.  He did not miss a beat not one!

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These kids never cease to amaze me.  There outlook is so interesting to me.  Just when you think you know what they are thinking, you really have no idea what they are thinking.

4Q3B9218 copyThe difference between boys and girls is so funny.  We could all say we are the same but we all know we are so different.  I am just so thankful I get the opportunity to experience raising them both.

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This image was captured by my oldest son Liam!  No Bad!!

I posted on facebook thanks to some very caring friends a sweet baby who has some health complications that will soon be born and will be in need of a forever family!  You can check out all the details on 5 boys + 1 girls = 6 facebook page.  All the information is there (scroll down to the post) and feel free to inbox me if you would like the agency contact information.  Lets find this sweet baby a family before he is born!

Happy Weekend!!!