I learned a lot of little things this weekend.  Little things that turn into big things sometimes.  Most of all I watched my kids this weekend as we pushed them in and out of the house and I realized how handsome and grown up these boys of mine are getting.  I love noticing that when I least expect it.

IMG_9006 copy


IMG_9014 copySo here goes!  5 things I learned this weekend….

1/ I am not a very good soccer mom.  My friends will agree.  I am actually a terrible soccer mom.  The schedule stresses me out and the competitiveness of the sport is hard for me to understand.  Although I will continue to try and improve this motherly quality right now I am failing miserably!

2/ My girl loves to cook.  She loves it!

3/ I absolutely HATE the process of putting together bunk beds.

4/ I love my job.  Love it!

5/ I love my family. Tons and Tons.

OH and 6/ I can not live without date night.  Even if it is belly up to the bar with a salad and a football game!

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IMG_9029 copy

IMG_9032 copy

IMG_9033 copy

IMG_9036 copy

IMG_9038 copy

IMG_9043 copy


What did you all learn this weekend?  I wanna hear, and nothing is too small or too big not to share BTW!


Happy Monday Everyone! OXOXO Katie