I started today like any over achiever would.  I headed straight for the coffee pot only to find out that one of the kids turned the hot water tank on the coffee pot off and well that means no coffee for 30 mins. GRRRRR  I questioned what direction the day was going with this detour so early in the morning, but the sun was shining and the chickens laid not 3 but 4 eggs!  That is some kind of miracle, right? So I knew things were on the up and up!

Once the big boys were off to school, we dove head first into therapy and school.  This one to the listening program, this one to a tracing project, this one to cross pattern crawling and on and on!  We got through it!

Home Schooling: Children being home schooled with love

Special Needs child receiving therapy at home by mother

Special needs child receiving therapy to crawl from Mother

Special needs child receiving therapy from Mother

In between schooling and therapy, Grace and I have been visiting the potty.  Day 3 of potty time every hour on the hour!  It is not so bad because I get to look at this sweet face as we sit and wait.  This girl is rockin out the potty training I am so proud of her!Potty training 2 year old


Potty Training 2 year old daughter

Today we went to the store.  I was in desperate need of hand soap for a couple of my bathrooms.  Every time I am at the store I forget to pick some up.  My favorites come from Trader Joes so I told the boys we would field trip it down to TJ and then to the forest preserve for a snack.

All was well until we landed in the parking lot.  As the kids began to roll out of the truck, Sean decided my iphone would be traveling with him.  I explained if it dropped it would break and it was best to give it back to me.  Well that was not going to fly! WOWZER!  He lost it!  I mean completely lost it in the parking lot.  I knew at that moment there was no way in h** I was taking him in that store!  So sorry Grace, Ryan and Colin you must get back into the car.  Well as you can imagine they had their own idea of what was going to happen in the store.  Within 5 mins of pulling into that parking lot  4 smiling kids turned into one big hot mess!  I took a deep breath, pushed them all back into the car and threatened to take every TV and video game out of the house for the rest of their life if they did not buckle in and moved on.  ****Note to self do not threaten things that will never happen, they are on to you!

The crazy part of the whole thing was my poor Sean in his crying fit proclaimed he did not feel good.  I get it!  That is what caused this outpouring of crazy emotions but wow!  I so did not need that!  I just wanted a bottle of Fresh Linen scent hand soap.  Do you know how happy that stuff makes me every time I use it!

View from the forest preserve

Within 10 mins all children were smiles and I was so disappointed that I really wanted to drive straight home and put them all in their rooms for the rest of the afternoon!  Not going to happen…… the sun was shining and I had plans.  I accepted the many apologies coming from the back seat and I pushed forward.  I took them to my new favorite spot.  A small picnic grove less then a mile from our house.  Forest surrounding it and a sweet little path to follow.

Forest Preserve in Palos Park, IL: enjoying time with the kids

Forest Preserve in Palos Park, IL: enjoying time with the kids

Once we arrived at the picnic grove all was well for 30 mins or so and then there was a debate as to whether or not Sean was a spy.  The type of spy that could see through your skin.  He still insists he is and Ryan is sure he isn’t because he came from my body.  No way could he have those super powers.  Not sure what that means??? Is he saying I can not produce super powered children?  I beg to differ!

Forest Preserve in Palos Park, IL: enjoying time with the kids

Forest Preserve in Palos Park, IL: enjoying time with the kids

Some days are just exhausting but I always find if I stop and listen to these little beings, (something I am not the best at)  I can really hear and understand where they are coming from.  It is funny……when I take Grace for her evaluation our therapist asks me if Grace is talking and I always say well here and there but not much.  She looks at me surprised because Grace just nailed all the cards one by one as she held them up.  She instructed me to take her home and only give her what she asks for or repeats after I prompt her.  I thought…oh great!  This is going to be fun!  Guess what?  Sister is talking up a storm.  Nonstop!  She says anything you want her to say and more.  I just didn’t bother listening.

Forest Preserve in Palos Park, IL: enjoying time with the kids

Kids are funny……  They like to be funny and I need to take time to listen because I need a good laugh and they do just that make me laugh!

Look at this awesome center piece my friend made me for my birthday!  Just love it!  Inbox me if you are interested in one.  tkdriscoll2000@yahoo.comBottle art from Karin Warden

We Grow Dreams: Greenhouse that supports individuals with disabilities

Happy Weekend and don’t forget about We Grow Dreams for all your planting needs!  Mothers Day is right around the corner, please check them out and support their cause if you are local.