Happy thursday everyone.  I really mean that.  I love thursdays, they are by far my most favorite day of the week.  I love thursdays for many reasons, one is that it is a great day for TV.  My favorite shows air on thursdays and even if they don’t I watch them on thursday.  It is also the day before friday, so it feels like an extension of the weekend.  I savor thursday nights because they feel like the end of the week.  Excitement starts brewing about friday and  fridays are about dunlin donuts coffee, little excisions with the kids as well as preparation for pizza night and overall weekend festivities.  So the gist is, I like them a lot.

All of this gives me the permission to sit for the first time all week.  Do any of you feel the same way?  I feel like I start at 6pm on sunday night and don’t stop until 8pm on thursday.  Baseball, homework, WORK, cleaning, laundry…..ok I know you understand.

Anyway, I am here to share with you the new blog!  It has been updated….I mean a whole new look!  I love it and hope you do too!  So feel free to poke around. Take a look at it from a PC too.  Then you get the full effect!  I hope you love it as much as I do.  After 3 years I guess I really am a blogger.  I mean I have a real site now.

Thank you to all of you who follow and share your thoughts about our journey through parenthood.  It is a bumpy road but it feels good to be traveling down that bumpy road with people who are like minded.  Makes us all feel a little less alone.  So cheers to another 3 years of bumps!

I am a little delayed on these images.  I went to share them with you on Monday and my blog crashed.  Yep, out.of.commision hence the new look!  Something I have wanted to do for the last year.  Moral of that story is, everything happens for a reason.  Here is a little update on our excursion last weekend to find the BEST piece of pie ever.

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Sweetie – licious is a MUST stop in Dewitt, MI.  If you are within 60 miles of this place take a detour.  We drove 5 hours round trip to try this pie and so thankful we did.  It was good to the last crump.  

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A sunday morning walk to get cream for our coffee warranted powdered donuts.  Even though we are Gluten Free we can always find a good donut if we look hard enough.

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Boy details have been making me really happy lately.  Just the appreciation of having 5 little men makes me smile.

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Cleaning up the yard and adding some art to make things a little more interesting brings us all together.  I am going to be honest here, together but not always happily together.  Lots of complaining but I think there was a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. (I hope)  

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Sweet little tea parties in the mornings are something I waited along time for and am enjoying.

Meanwhile there are so many great companies releasing their spring and summer lines.  Please take a look over at Changing the Face of Beauty and support our companies that really support humanity by including everyone.  You can find them all listed here.

We were so lucky to get to try on the new Monica + Andy spring cotton dresses.  They are the sweetest and fit like a glove.  Her whole line is made to fit in the sweetest most comfortable way.  I feel lucky to have a couple of her pieces for Grace.

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TGIF eve everyone!  I hope your weekend is great.  More coming soon.

OX  Katie