So I have been completely drawn to this blog lately.  Mainly because I find myself scrolling through it at night, remembering.  Best part of blogging is that your life is captured right there on the digital screen.  No need to dig through the photo books.  It is all there, the good and the bad.  I had a conversation recently with another “blog lover” like myself.  We chatted about her favorite industry blogger, she is a florist and as she told me some of the beautiful things this blogger has created over the years, the one thing she loves the most is the honesty.  I am a flower obsessed suburban mom and I can hardly comprehend the fact there would be a down side to those beautiful blooming plants with so much life in them but guess what, there is.  Just like everything else there is a down side.  Doesn’t mean we stop loving them but the reality of what is real is important.

I couldn’t agree more.  In my 40 years I try super hard to be real and actually when I am swaying on the “life is amazing and we totally got this side” my husband reminds me that, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Real life ain’t perfect.  Just like my writing.  Full of grammatical errors and misspellings that autocorrect either corrected, incorrectly or missed but as I scroll through the past couple of years my feelings were out there.  On the screen.  Ones that I had forgotten I had. Memories.

This digital world is so interesting to me.  It is produced friends from all over.  People that genuinely have become a woven part of the cloth who makes me who I am today.  Grateful is all I can think of to describe it.  The perfect thing to say being that we are sitting in month of Thanksgiving.  The month that reminds us all to stop and smell the pumpkin pie.  Right?

Well I am smelling and believe me not everything smells great.  My perfectly laid out schedule was blown up.  Uncomfortable conversations have surfaced and well as many things I am grateful for, there are just as many things that I regret over the past year.  I am learning that regret is part of who we are and it has be there.  If it isn’t there then we probably aren’t living brave.  So guess (reluctantly ) I am grateful for regret as well.

I will say over the years I have learned one thing.  Actually I should say I am teaching myself to remember that being right isn’t the best answer all the time.  Trying hard is much more fulfilling and regardless of the thoughts that enter your mind about another person it is best to give them the benefit of the doubt because most of the time they surprise you.  I try and remind myself of the amount of times I have stuck my foot in my mouth and didn’t even notice!  You know what I am talking about right?  The mouth “overflow” situation.  That.  And I can’t say that I haven’t called my mom and asked how to do a better job at that.  How do we just walk about and give others the grace that we need sometimes.  It is HARD.  Freaking hard but battling over who is right and who is wrong somehow isn’t right either.  So with a lot of deep breaths I am working really hard to do better.  I think we all are and that is why this online world attracts like minded people to give us a nudge when we need it.  Offer advice when you can’t seem to come up with a solution and be that cheerleader that provides the inspiration to finish the day well.

For all of that I am grateful.  For all of you I am grateful.

Heres a peek into out week.  My girl?  She can dance….at any moment on any day.  She doesn’t care she lets it all out.  I am learning……and most of the time I am pulling out my own moves right next to her.



Sister can break out the moves at any given moment.  I love that most about her.

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This guy has realized that treats are king.  If you have them you have complete control.


This guys love hate relationship with me, his teacher and reading.  He’s a sponge, just wait till he realizes that.

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The afternoon sun in our kitchen makes me so happy.

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These 2 and their love for each other is beautiful.

4Q3B0041 copy 4Q3B0025 copy grace

Watch that balloon girlfriend.

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Left over from our Friends-giving shoot.  I pretty much can’t stop looking at them.

I had the pleasure of creating the most amazing “Friends-Giving” this past week in collaboration with Violet and Pearl Vintage Revival.  If you want to see please check it out.

If you know a company or someone who would like to partner with Changing the Face of Beauty in 2016  please consider asking them.  We have big plans for 2016 and we can not wait to find out who will be partnering with us to bring them to reality.

OXOX Katie