We are wrapping up our Christmas Break and Monday it is back to school.  The boys are not ready and neither am I but it is time.  I love having the older boys home.  I love the no routine except the routine WE want to keep.   The younger kids love having the older boys here to wrestle with, play games with and just be with.  I like to sit back and watch them just be.   You know Pause….Pause is my new favorite word.

I plan to do a lot of that in 2012 and I am going to remind my children to do the same.  That is why it is plastered above my refrigerator!!!  We have to remind ourselves because life just gets away from us and you know we can never have today back so we better ROCK IT OUT!  Give that hug, send those words of encouragement because we just might not get the chance tomorrow.  Living in the present makes me happy.

I usually pack winter break full of trips to museums, bowling and sleep overs.  Not this year…..  This year we did a whole lot of nothing and it was the best yet.  We paused and enjoyed our little (ok large) family.  We played together, we cooked together and enjoyed each  other.  As I write this I can hear the boys laughing in the other room. They are all cuddled up on the couch having the last living room camp out of winter break.  Love that.

We were so lucky to have an amazing day today 50 degrees and sunny.  Ryan spent the morning with his new friend DJ.  His own friend….I can not tell you how happy that makes me because 1 year ago he was not capable of having friends.  The socialization was not there for him.  When I get frustrated with the diet he has to maintain I remember back to the boy who could not tell me how old he was or could not remain in the room with our family because it was too overwhelming.  That is all the inspiration I need!  He has come so far in a year and he now has 2 friends and he is not even in school!  YEAH Ryan!!!  This boy is going to do great things, I know it.

Grace loves to tell me Bye bye when she is done with my game or therapy.  Can’t you almost hear her yelling bye-bye through this picture!

There is nothing that makes my heart melt more then watching my boys and my daughter be brothers and sisters.  I stare in amazement at the bond these children have and will carry with them throughout their life.

Sister is all about sneaking alittle DS time while no one is looking. 

I updated the tabs up top by adding Organic Food and Gluten.  Please check them out if you are interested.  Our culture makes it so difficult to find and eat nutritious fresh food.  Anything I can do to help you out I hope to do. As for gluten there are so many places gluten hides in our food system and it is so easy to be exposed, my hope is that if you are trying this diet I can help you or your child stay as clean as possible.

Happy Weekend!!!!  Enjoy your family!