The truth about today is that I believe there are only a couple times in your life you can be personally proud.  The day you find someone to love, the day you have a child, the day you graduate and the day you feel like you did something that just might pave a better future for your child.  Today I feel like Changing the Face of Beauty really has value.  I feel like the message it sends is being listened too and I feel lucky to have so many moms, dads, teachers, friends and companies who truly believe too.

A huge thank you to The Maloof sisters.  iTunes download link coming soon.

Today is about Changing the Face of Beauty.  It is about a conversation that you all have had and continue to have.  It is about the opportunity for people living with a disability to be seen, all the time.  Today is a good day.

I have learned so many lessons through out these 3 years and I am grateful to have grown as a women, mom and a friend.  I have messed up more times then I like to admit but it is not for lack of trying to do my best.   My husband and I just sat down a week ago to talk about family goals for 2015.  I came to the table with the same worries I always have.   His response was, “Katie, you can not put a dollar sign on changing the world.  You have the opportunity to spearhead real change.  Graces future is on the line here.  You can not financially buy her happiness and independence.  There has to be opportunity for that independence to happen.”  Ok insert a flood of tears.  Right there at the bar at Capri.  Flood gates.

So that is what today is about.  It is not about personal wealth.  We support this campaign privately.  What it is about is the conversation and the people who are continually placed in our path to help us keep talking.  Every time I question whats next there is an organization like Mighty Acorn stepping in.  Every time I have a creative idea there are people like Mollie Marshall who with the help of a friend make it happen.  Because of these people we are able to not only change the face of beauty but we are able to help others do amazing things.  Mighty Acorn was able to build a kitchen in Kitale for their orphanage because of our project this past fall.  With their partnership we are able to award GiGi’s Playhouse Tinely Park with a sizable donation to offset some unexpected relocation costs.  Because of the amazing Maloof sisters we will be able help them work toward a donation to St Judes Childrens Hospital. (Link to purchase the song on iTunes coming)

This is what this conversation is about.  It is about changing the perceptions of the media and helping others to continue to make this world worth living in.

So today I hope you enjoy the site we built to clearly reflect the message.  I pray you feel the message it comminicates is a valuable one.  I hope the song touches you as well as inspires you to go out there and talk about how under represented people living with disabilities are.  Target and Nordstrom can not do this alone.  This is the largest minority in the world we are talking about here. I am so grateful we now have 23 companies who are committed to Changing the Face of Beauty in 2015.

Don’t forget #imready for #15in2015 have you actually called your retailers out?  They are waiting to hear from you!

Today is a day I will remember always!

OXOX Katie