I love the opportunity to work with companies that are interested in representing models of all abilities!  The moment I met Terry, owner and designer of Teryelle Girls I knew she believed in the mission of Changing the Face of Beauty as much as I did.  She was very excited to come together on a collaboration for Christmas!

The Teryelle line is super fun and edgy and it was inspired by our own funky street style here in Chicago!  I love it and think it looks fabulous on all girls.  I especially love the colors and patterns!  The are a blast to pair with just about anything.



These girls look fabulous if you ask me!  My favorite part of these projects is the affect they have on everyone involved.  The models, the parents, the volunteers and especially the designers.  To see how everyone can come together and create amazing imagery is something pretty magical.  I always leave with a big happy heart.

Now for the good part!  From now until Christmas Eve Teryelle will be donating 20% of sales to our favorite foundation, The Mighty Acorn Foundation to support their Christmas in Kitale!  They are hoping to make this Christmas magical for all the kids living in their orphanage in Kenya!  Teryelle plans to help make that happen!

Please check out all their amazing designs on their site.  Make sure to keep up with their happenings on Instagram!

Thank you Teryelle for believe in the mission behind Changing the Face of Beauty as well as showing your consumers that you value every single one of them!

OX – Katie