Wow!  Where did the last 2 weeks go?  They are gone and most have moved smoothly into a new year.  I have to say I have too.  I have no real resolutions….just to remind myself daily to live the change I want to see.  Sounds easier then it really is, especially when instead of asking others to do it I am asking myself.  Checking myself regularly is a full-time job and believe me I don’t succeed everyday but its still early in 2015 and I am confident I will get better.

I always go through a period of “can we do it over” after the holidays.  Even when, in my eyes, they were amazingly perfect.  Not perfect in the way of smooth but just perfect because we were together.  When I say together I don’t mean always happily together because that would be a lie but just together.  We were in the same location, car, house together most of the vacation and it just felt good.  The boys are growing in more ways then one, so is Grace for that matter.  They are all spreading their wings into areas that they were not in last year like cologne (yes that!) as well as lacing up skates and well just growing up.

Grace pulled down my photo books during my very sad attempt at a treadmill run yesterday and started asking me “who is this?”  So naturally I got off and started telling her who each picture featured.  It was her brothers but she could not recognize them because they were so much younger.  My heart sunk.  Those days seem like yesterday and I remember thinking my kids were so grown up then.  Ahhh look at them now.  Anyway enough of that.

Bottom line is our holidays were filled with a ton of friends, some family, a beautiful birthday (more on that later) and a very happy new year.  My kids were surrounded by people who love them, heck I was too.  Regardless of any situation that is what counts to me.  If you have a couple people in your life you can call up and say come and they do, well that equals a rich full life if you ask me.

So here goes…..our time, our holidays in pictures.

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Our “Project Joy” continues.

AH3A9601 copy AH3A9608 copy AH3A9622 copy

Someone is 5 years young!

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The games that were played. I probably took 100 pictures of this happening over and over.

AH3A9833 copy AH3A9834 copy AH3A9835 copy

Cheers to a NEW year.  FYI add a splash of Apricot Juice to your Mimosa (Your welcome).



So many exciting things happening in the coming year!  Next week I meet again with The Mighty Acorn Foundation to discuss taking THIS amazing project on the road.  You can read more about it here! (BTW she said trailer!) So we just might be coming to a location near YOU!  More on this soon but thank you all for believing in me, Changing the Face of Beauty (which is going through a facelift very soon so check back!) and well just being your amazing self.  Every single one of you!

OX Katie