I decided to really take my health and put it in the forefront this year.  Maybe it is a New Years resolution and maybe not, but one thing I know for sure is it needs to happen.  40 years are catching up to me.  I am tired, the glow in my skin is…..well not glowing, and my midsection is quite a few inches bigger then it used to me.  All those things equally frustrating.  I have tried different diets, exercises, and google searches to get to the bottom of it.  I even have the greatest friend who literally takes time out of her day to evaluate exactly what I am putting in my mouth. Don’t laugh because I need all of these things to get off home plate.

So with all that and along with a fitbit logging 15,000 steps a day you would think I am on the road to success and that would be incorrect.  I am failing miserably and I am frustrated with myself and the process.  Geez….I don’t ever remember having to work this hard and I had 6 kids.  Honestly I have thought about throwing in the towel but I know long term it won’t work for me.  I feel better when I take care of myself but for some crazy reason I won’t carve out the time to make sure taking care of myself is successful.

So I am not throwing in the towel (yet).  Atleast not this week.  I logged my steps and paid attention to what I put in my mouth all day.  I am mentally exhausted thinking about it but tonight I am patting myself on the back.  It is kind of like quitting smoking.  (Yes, I did that too) I would tell myself that today there would be no smoking and then I would tell myself the same thing the next day and if I fell off I would go right back to the beginning and it worked.  So tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow there will be no candy bars or chips…..ok well there won’t be those extra snacks and and I WILL log those steps even if I am tired.

I am going to take the road of, I believe in myself.  I can do big things.  When I am rocking that one piece this summer it will feel good. HA or at least it won’t feel bad.  New Years resolutions are not for me.  I think I need daily resolutions, I mess up and I need the motivation to get right back on and try again.  So anyone out there with good advise outside of counting your calories (my dear friend helps me with that) send them my way.  There is always strength in numbers and I need more strength.  What are your tricks?  I probably know them but it feels good to hear them from others.  Oh and don’t forget….you are worth it.  We are all no where without good healthy bodies, that is what I am telling myself!

This past week a foot of snow was dumped on the midwest which resulted in a snow day perfectly placed right after super bowl sunday!  More time to recover from a long weekend and spend time running up and down a sledding hill.  Here is our weekend…..

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eating apples brings JOY to all of us.

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snow day and donut day are the same thing in our house.

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Graces 2015 ride down the snow hill.  She’s good until next year.

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Sunsets and sleds make for a perfectly happy family. 

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Afternoons in our house are my absolute favorite.

Heres to looking out for ourselves.  Taking time to eat well and take care of our bodies and to not give up. (I am not giving up, today!)

OX Katie