This house has been sick for weeks.  So many weeks that I can’t remember all of us being healthy.  So frustrating.  The holidays are still approaching and we are still keeping up with the traditions just a little slower then our usual full steam ahead.

Although we are battling flu bugs I am aware that others have bigger battles ahead for them.   The holidays make me more aware of those battles.  This time of year gives me the opportunity to count my blessings and say prayers for continued good health for my family and the others surrounding us.  This past week as my husband battled an ear infection and had to go for some further testing.  As I was doing ear candles and dripping healing oils in his ear I realized how much a depend on him.  2 days of Dad not participating in anything made me realize how hard life is without him.  (Insert be more appreciative!)

Not sure why it takes moments like that to remind us but it does and I am looking forward to this whole crew getting back on their A game.  We have a pretty big holiday to celebrate.  Meanwhile shopping is done.  Time to pour the eggnog and enjoy all the people who make our everyday special.

Here are a few moments from the past week.  Moments filled with family and a whole bunch of Christmas magic.

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One last tree trimming.

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Gingerbread houses made from scratch….3 years and counting. One, Two and now three.

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Taco friday……everyday could be a taco day in my book.

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Lastly my fashionista.  I took a last second lightening trip to my favorite local boutique Bellē Up to pick up a cute little something for my husbands holiday party.  I see something white hanging out of my daughters coat as I was in the dressing room.  I lifted and this is what I found….my underwear and sports bra mini she thought would be the perfect ensemble to shop in.  …..note to self check her from head to toe before loading her in the car and thank goodness for long coats. 

PS Don’t forget about creating YOUR video calling out your favorite retailer!  Its the holidays and major retailers are already thinking about 2015.  Lets give them something to think about!


TGIF friends! OXOX Katie