Last week was a “doosey” one of those weeks where everything goes wrong.  Words come out wrong, scheduling wrong, things were misplaced and well if that is not enough my car broke down – in Michigan.  Yep…..add it to the list gone wrong, my car is sitting in the shop waiting for a part in Michigan.  Doesn’t quite seem right.  I am grateful for good friends who offer to drive you back home and husbands who enlist in a lot of extra drop offs and pick ups this week.

Funny how things break down and have the ability to throw us all into a tail spin.  Makes you feel like life is spinning out of control just another reminder of how not in control you are.  It also reminds me of what is right in front of me.  My nucleus family.  I have been taking them in over the past couple days grateful for all the craziness they bring to my life.  So we are on the mend.  Colds tended too, cars being fixed, plans being made and a weather break that is giving us the promise of spring something we are all craving.

So here is a little glimpse into our days.

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Master pieces painted in sunshine.

4Q3B7819 copy

A sick dog that continually eats chicken… the counter, in the trunk and in the back seat.  If there is chicken she finds it, eats it and poops it.

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Building a snowman in 50 degrees.

4Q3B7855 copy

Michigan neighbors.

4Q3B7879 copy

Daddy love.

4Q3B7891 copy

Family visits.

4Q3B7894 copy

Grace was reunited with her 2 biggest fans.

4Q3B7627 copy

Couch snuggles with big brothers.

4Q3B7636 copy

Homeschool moments where I pinch myself hoping this stuff never ends.

4Q3B7639 copy


4Q3B7642 copy


Stickers fun.  She shares my love of them.

Today something beautiful happened!  Kelle Hampton teamed up with and well the rest is magic.  People are rallying with them all over the country and within 5 hours they raised $26,000.00.  They are now up to $34,000.  How amazing is that!?  All to help give more students with Down syndrome the opportunity to go to college.  Ruby’s Rainbow grants scholarships to young adults living with Down syndrome.  For more information on this project and how you can take the pledge of $21.00 for #321pledge please go to Kelle’s blog and read what an impact these college programs are having on these students.

Here is too a better week!

OX  Katie